I’m delighted to be your training guide!

I can’t wait to get started together toward your training goals…

You won’t believe the results you get with online dog training!

With online training you get the same expert guidance plus quite a few surprise benefits.

What I love about guiding my dog training clients online:

  • Incredible Convenience. Without the need to travel, I can offer a wider range of appointment options to suit your schedule. (And here’s a nice bonus—no need to straighten up the house before our training sessions!) And you don’t have to travel for appointments or classes, either!
  • Fewer Distractions The trainer’s presence can be distracting to a dog. Without me in the room, your puppy or dog learns to focus only on you right from the beginning.
  • Ability to Revisit Lessons You’ll have access to recordings of your lessons so you can go back to review between sessions—it’s like being able to summon your dog trainer 24/7!
  • Safety and Comfort No need to wear a mask or keep our distance. We’ll be in the same room together via the magic of technology, without any risk or worry. That’s peace of mind!
  • Results You’ll enjoy the same great results you get with in-person training. Because whether we’re 6 feet apart or 6 miles, my job isn’t to train your dog—it’s to guide you to great training results!

Frequently asked questions about online training, answered

Not much, really. A computer or tablet, internet access, and Zoom. Zoom is a free download, and I’ll send you a link if you aren’t already using it.

I love it for everything. There’s really nothing we can’t accomplish together via online training.

Yes, it really does. As a professional dog trainer my job has always been to guide my clients and students through the training process, giving you the skills and support you need to achieve your training goals. That’s why I call my company Four Paws Guidance. Online training simply allows me to guide you without my presence distracting your dog.

No worries! There’s no need to be a tech dynamo, or even to ever have used Zoom. I’ll guide you through getting set up so we can get to work!

Yes!! In fact, it’s imperative for puppies. Please don’t make the mistake of not training your puppy because of the pandemic. Trainers the world over are bracing for the painful behavior modification work coming down the road over the next several years as pandemic puppy owners begin experiencing behavior problems that should have been prevented with puppy training.

I can’t wait to guide you to great results!

Ready to give online training a try?

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